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We help the most promising projects in the Solana ecosystem in the ascending world (India, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa) launch and grow. We are organized as a co-operative of creatives, developers, and operators who are experienced in launching and growing technology businesses.

We value the sovereignty that comes with founding a company, the skin in the game that comes with investing, and the joy that comes with getting sh*t done. In a pre-crypto world, we had to fit into broiler categories — founder, investor, or employee. Crypto allows us to be free-range and be all three at the same time.

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We help the most promising projects in the Solana ecosystem launch and grow. We are organized as a co-operative of creatives, operators, and investors.



Mobile 3.0

Yash Chandak

I'm gonna write my way out of this.

Sitesh Kumar Sahoo

Research and design

Adarsh Rao

Product Design @Quizizz, Ex @Flipkart. Slowly testing the Web3 waters. Say hi on Twitter @adarshrao_


core contributor @superteamdao

PSR Abhijith

Member@SuperteamDAO. Blogs: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/deplanetepisodes Twitter - abhijith_psr Interested in Sustainability, Gamification.

Rohit Ladda

IT Operations, Likes Storytelling, Learning new things everyday

Imad Ali

tweet @0xalicap building @onjuno

Derick David

Forcing a different perspective derickdavid.com

Mohit Chawdhry

I'm a law grad with an innate interest in technology and how it's fundamentally changing the society around us.

Mohnish Isaac Kariappa

Web3 research specialist | Trying to create easy to understand crypto content | Member: SuperteamDAO

Sivakama Sundari K

Learning web3 one day at a time. I write on Twitter and Medium about various aspects of web3 right from understanding blockchain ✍🏾 to developing 💻. Absolutely thrilled to learn something new each day. 🚀


a community of operators, devs & grantees working on promising solana projects

Yash Agarwal

Learning, Writing, and Building in FinTech & Web3. @yashhsm on Twitter!

Kash Dhanda

Sherpa @Superteam

Akshay BD

Charting the inanity of the financial internet.

Rohit Kumar Varma

Crawling from 0 to 1, rather than running from 1 to n :)


drowsydrone; Member @SuperteamDAO; interested in finance, water and poverty.


En una búsqueda constante de la VERDAD... 💡

Vivek Bhatia

📝 Writer. 🎙Podcaster. 🔊Voice artist. Loves: 🎥 Films. 🏎 Formula One. 💸 Finance. Consultant: Creative Marketing & Communication. Exploring Web 3.0.

Gulcan Yayla

Co-lead @Superteam Turkey

Pratik Dholani

ops @superteam


Deep diving into the world of Web3